Assistance Dogs


Assistance DogThe ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) defines a service animal as any animal individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of a person with a disability. This may include and is not limited to guide work, hearing work, pulling a wheel chair, retrieving dropped items, assisting a person with psychiatric disabilities. Programs, independent trainers, or the person with the disability who owns the dog trains Service animals. Most service animals are dogs. A service dog can be any breed or size. It might wear special equipment, but this is not a legal requirement.

All Ways Pawsitive Pet Behavior & Training trains owner owned dogs as Service Dogs. With nearly 20 years experience in training and pet behavior modification, our team prides itself in our knowledge and experience. Please contact us for further information. Ask us about our voucher reimbursements.

Individuals with disabilities need your help. Choosing, raising, training, and placing a Service/Assistance Dog is an expensive and time consuming process. Did you know that the cost per dog is nearly $10,000!!!!! To sponsor an individual with a disability is an excellent way to help give them an opportunity to live a quality life. You can also sponsor a dog. Help with the feeding, grooming, and the vet costs associated with raising a healthy Service/Assistance Dog by sponsoring a dog in training. Please contact us and ask us how you can help.


ADUC Vouchers Accepted

The ADUC (Assistance Dog United Campaign) only accepts applications for vouchers during the months of April and May. Please visit their website to get further information on how you can apply.