In-Home Training

In-home training offers personalized one-on-one training that comes to you. You do not train on someone else’s schedule, you train around your schedule. You never miss a class due to unexpected things that happen in everyday life. The beauty of in home training is that you don’t move forward until you and your dog are ready. If you need more time to practice before trying to take on the next concept, you just move class to the next week. We offer 90 days to complete an in-home six-session contract and we offer payment plans throughout the length of the contract. The other great thing about in-home training is that we are able to see the problems you are having first hand and often are able to give you first hand advice instead of basing our behavior modifications on general information.

As you probably guessed, In-home training is more expensive than group classes. Another drawback to in-home training is that you are not working your dog around other dogs and situations. However, this can be accomplished on your own if you are disciplined enough to visit the local dog park to work obedience training with your dog or take your dog on field trips. Your dog does not get exposed to experiences that may or may not happen during your weekly visits to and from the training class.

Group Classes

It is cheaper to attend a group class. Group classes expose your dog to new things on a weekly basis and because group classes are shared there is never a dull moment. It is good to get your dog out and about letting him experience as many new situations as possible. Attending class each week does allow this. Group classes tend to be more competitive and often dog handlers’ work a bit harder at the concepts each week. Meaning you are more successful at what you and your dog accomplish. Remember, at All Ways Pawsitive Pet Behavior & Training we do offer smaller more personalized classes.

We often hear that group classes offer socialization. The truth of the matter is that there is usually not a lot of socializing between dogs in a group class setting. Most of the time the dogs are 3-6 feet apart and you are learning along with at least 6 other dogs and handlers. There are often questions and a concern brought to a group class that time does not allow answers. Usually group classes are scheduled back to back and the instructor does not have time to get all the details. Behavior modification is based on general information and not necessarily what you are experiencing in your own home. Within a group class there is a lack of one-on-one focus, if you miss a class your pretty much on your own for that concept.

Of course, there are circumstances that may limit you and your dog from attending a group class. A dog aggressive dog may have to start at home and attend group classes after the aggression is under control. If you are physically unable to handle your dog in a group setting in home classes may be your choice.

All in all, we feel the type of training you choose is what is best for you, your dog and your lifestyle. We do not feel that one type of training is better than the other. We feel you can accomplish the same result either way. Call us at 480-529-7947 or e-mail us at and we can discuss what is best for your situation.