Why Clicker Training

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he clicker is a tool that is used to mark correct behaviors, and is a powerful training tool for several reasons. A clicker is always consistent and it is an immediate, clear, and precise signal to the dog. In other words, it tells your pet what he did correctly at the exact moment he did it. It is impossible to be so precise with a word, or with praise. The pet is trained or "conditioned" to relate a clicker with something good, such as a treat. Pets learn to try different behaviors that earn that "sound" because they learn that something good always follows. It’s very similar to how dolphins are trained!

Clicker TrainingStudies have shown that dogs both learn and retain behaviors better through clicker training. The concept is very similar to our "paychecks." Think of it this way: If you were given a dollar bill every time for certain behaviors, and it was not difficult to earn those bills, how long and how hard would you work?

Constantly pairing a clicker with a treat is the key to successful clicker training. We use small treats for training because for initial purposes treats can be given and consumed very fast. In addition, by consistently rewarding good behaviors, we decrease the bad behaviors. As your pet learns which behaviors earn rewards, you will find that your pet will start to repeat those behaviors, "offering" them to you. This clicker helps to obtain results quickly because it teaches your pet how to think for itself as it tells your pet what it did RIGHT.

There are two big misconceptions concerning clickers and treat training. One, clickers are not remote controls that cause your pet to "do" things. Two, you are not tied to a clicker and treats for the rest of your life!

It is a teaching tool. A teaching tool that is more pleasant than many other teaching tools such as choke chains & shock collars. Both you and your pet will have fun!

Remember, a trained pet is a confident pet, and a confident pet has fewer behavior problems.