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Ann & Beth in Phoenix, AZ

“Crystal, I wanted to let you know that this morning Brandi received a very nice compliment....I was walking her this morning, and a woman was sitting in her car. She rolled down her window and said, "Your dog is so well behaved. I am very impressed". Over and over she said it...It was great!!!!!!! Just thought you would enjoy hearing one more success story from your student!!!!!”

Penny in Phoenix, AZ

Nicki“Last fall my four dog household was totally out of control. They were running the show I wasn't quite certain what to do about it but I knew things had to change. Nicki and Rambo my two 6 year old Australian Cattle Dogs had their world upset by the 2 year olds, Harry a Chow/Shepard mix and Verbal a Pit mix. I must've been crazy when I brought the 2 boys home but they had lived in a kennel for 5 months, needed a home and were so very cute. I just assumed I could make it work. Little did I know we were all on the road for a major dog disaster.

Luckily along came Crystal. We spoke a few times and I explained all the issues that were going on. We had fear aggression, dominance aggression, possession aggression, pack order confusion and that's just to name a few!

HarryCrystal didn't flinch knowing this would be difficult and possibly a bit dangerous to herself. She explained to me what to do to keep things safe and then she came to meet everyone. The first visit lasted almost 3 hours and she took her time with me and all the dogs. She had a very strict and detailed program to start us on and explained the purpose of all the exercises. I immediately knew she was the right person for us as 3 of the dogs took right to her.

VerbalHarry was going to be the challenge as far as people were concerned but at least I had some hope. I seriously considered euthanasia for him and his issues and it was still a possibility. Crystal explained with him he was either going to respond to the program within 2 weeks or I had my answer that he wasn't going to make it. This was a huge commitment for me but one I had to do to save all my dogs and my sanity. Two weeks went by and Crystal came for a follow up visit. It was working! The dogs were responding. Everyone was a bit calmer and much more attentive to me. I think Crystal was surprised that even Harry was better. We worked through a few problems and questions. About 3 weeks into the program I had that dog disaster in the form of a serious dog fight. Crystal had noticed the signs and warned me. It was a very low point and forced me to make more decisions.

RamboI didn't give up on any of my dogs and neither did Crystal. I guess as ugly as it was that fight needed to happen to settle a lot of the issues between the dogs. It seemed after that everyone progressed. They all sit and lay down. We are working on tricks. The last time Crystal was here she even had Harry taking treats from her hand. Is everything perfect now? Of course not but thanks to Crystal I now have the tools to manage most of the issues that arise. She truly has that special connection and ability to communicate with dogs in spite of their problems. I hope to continue to have Crystal work with my dogs to keep us all in tune. I thank her very much for everything she has done and for how far we have come. I am not sure what I would have done without her. I highly recommend her for all your training issues

Tracy and Family in Apache Junction, AZ

I have a 4 month old rottie puppy who had a whining issue. I got Neeka when she was 5 weeks old. I couldn't leave her outside with the other dog or anywhere by herself without her yelping or whining. I had tried everything I could short of giving her away. I had called several trainers, one of which told me they couldn't help without charging me. Another one told me she could train Neeka for $450.00 but Neeka couldn't be trained until she was 4 months old. I couldn't wait that long. Crystal called and she would help me train Neeka and she could start right away for a lot less! Neeka quit yelping 1 week later and I now can leave her outside with Thor. Crystal was very kind and very helpful, she showed me how to train my dogs with techniques my kids can even do. She is very patient with me even if I got it wrong. She gave me lots of information that I could read and use for both dogs. Thank you again Crystal for all you have done!

Sheila in Gilbert, AZ

"I just wanted to take the time out to commend and thank Crystal our trainer for being so wonderful at what she does. Jack, my Mini Australian Shepard and myself, were in need of "communication lessons" to help us work better together. Through her "All Ways Pawsitive" program at Petco, we learned a lot, and became much closer!

JackWhen I first adopted Jack from a no kill shelter here in the valley, he was 20 months old, and had come from an abusive home. He is blind in one eye, and has a broken tail, and therefore was quite fearful of most people. I knew that we needed to learn some techniques that would at least keep him safe and protected. And I wanted to learn how to speak his language, too, so that he would learn to trust again.

With Crystal's guidance, we have learned to sit, walk together without pulling and come when called. Through the gentle "Click and Reward" method that Crystal uses, I have also been able to train him to not jump on our visitors, not bark excessively at our neighbor dogs, and also to not fear the everyday objects and people that we encounter. He is like a brand new dog! Not only has he learned some helpful new tricks, but also his confidence level has soared, and he has become my constant companion.

Thanks so much Crystal, for taking your time with us, and for lending your advice from your experience with shy or abused dogs. He really took to Crystal as a trainer and a friend, and what a difference that makes! I would recommend Crystal and her instruction technique any day!"

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