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Director, For the Luv of Dogz

“Crystal is wonderful and easy to work with. She is professional, ethical and most of all, effective. She has worked with several foster dogs to make them adoptable and has preserved many adoptions by providing crisis intervention and long term follow up.”

Jody & Matt in Phoenix, Az

“Well, first off let me say, Belle, Lucy and Lancer are doing awesome with leash walking. I’ve never been able to walk Belle (in 7.5yrs., with training) or Lucy in (2.5 yrs, with training) without PULLING!! It is great. We haven’t gotten them out much, but even the couple of times we have had them out they did awesome! We love clicker training. It is the most humane training we've ever done with our dogs. My husband and I have done several different types of training with our dogs and clicker training is the best so far. I love that it doesn’t involve choking, pinching, or shocking and the dogs are just as well behaved. It’s also so much safer. The dogs still know you are in charge and not because they are scared. It’s really great!!“

Belle, Lucy and Lancer

Bridgette & Chris in Scottsdale, AZ

“We adopted Sheila from Paw Placement, and she had a few issues with strangers (to say the least!). She was a very fearful dog, who would snap at strangers and hide from us frequently. Thanks to Crystal and her patience with both Sheila and I, Sheila has become a well-adjusted, fun dog to have around (and I am a much happier pet parent!). Thank you Crystal!”

Jeannine Petersen
Director/Co-Founder, Paw Placement

“Crystal is amazing! Out of all of the adopters that wanted to return their dogs and agreed to try Crystal, have actually kept the dogs. So she has a 100% non-return rate for our organization! We can’t thank her enough for her support and help with the dogs and I'm sure the dogs are grateful for her as well.”

Lisa Maturo,
Director, Phoenix Dalmatian Station

“Crystal has been helping our rescue from its inception. She has tirelessly answered questions from fosters and adopters, taking time to call them or email them. She has always made herself available to help in any way needed, even with home checks and processing adoption applications! It’s obvious she really cares about keeping dogs in the adoptive homes and will go the extra mile and take time out of her day to do so. Many of our adopters and fosters have benefited from her written foster and adoption guides, and from her emails and phone calls. And many have gone on to use her one on one training program with success. The support and problem solving has helped dogs stay in their forever homes. Our return rate is low and she has helped keep it that way.”

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