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Gabby in Buckeye


Hi dear Crystal,
“Thank you so much for believing in me and for showing my mom how to keep me occupied! I very much appreciated your training and I will highly recommand your ‘how to keep harmony in a multiple dog household’ program to all my doggie friends! You are doing a great job - with a lot of natural talent!”

“Should you feel like seeing me again, just contact my mom and she will take me to the doggie-park so you can watch my progress in socialization - HOPEFULLY. If there is no progress, then we will call you for help, if that's ok with you!”

Thanks a lot!, BIG kiss, Neptune

The Sevigny Family in Gilbert, AZ

Sevigny Family Dog Duke

Duke is a Basset/Beagle we got as a rescue dog from Arizona Basset Hound Rescue (AZBHR) in February of 2005. We found after having Duke with us for a while that he had problems with aggression that we did not know how to treat. The AZBHR contacted Crystal with All Ways Pawsitive and we set up training. Sadly, we learned that Duke’s fear came from a lack of human trust because he had his flight option disciplined and he had learned to avoid it all together to use his fight option where he would protect himself or us before anything happened or even at the slightest thought it might happen. His aggression was true aggression.

We believe “family is family” and never considered not keeping Duke so we were willing to work with Crystal to do whatever it would take to rehabilitate him. We read the books she recommended and did the exercises religiously. We knew his aggression could not be cured, but wanted to teach Duke to trust and give him the skills to help manage and control aggressive behavior.

What a miracle! After months of dedication with Crystal, Duke has “graduated” from Healing Aggression. He is smart, attentive, and very eager to please. He has relaxed and opened up and learned to trust. He is an awesome, loving pet and an important part of our family as well as the best friend my nine year old daughter ever had. He still wants to protect us, but now looks to us for direction. We owe it all to Crystal and the skills she gave us and Duke to heal aggression. With Crystal’s help, it is never too late and if you love someone enough, it makes it worth it. Duke certainly is.

Thanks, Crystal and keep up the great work.

Kelly Fanning October 1, 2005


Another dog trainer recommended Crystal to me after I explained that my two year-old Pekingese, Jacob, had been displaying some aggressive behaviors. I had no idea how to curb his aggression and was not sure whether I would be able to keep him as a member of our family.

Crystal met with Jacob and me in my home for a series of six lessons. After the first lesson, I felt much calmer and optimistic about Jacob's problem. After the second lesson, I was realized that Jacob’s problem was due mostly to the fact that I did not know how to train him. He thought he was protecting me, and I was inadvertently encouraging him.

Having completed the training course with Crystal, Jacob is like a new dog. He no longer acts aggressively toward other members of my family or my friends, and he enjoys practicing with the clicker to earn treats.

Thank you Crystal!

Wendy & Jay Sellers

Nash and Sam

Thank you, thank you for teaching us how to communicate effectively with our dogs. Sam and Nash are rescue dogs who had received varying levels of training before joining our family, so we had some difficulty re-training them on our own. Crystal did in home training with us and the difference is extraordinary! Both dogs have more self-confidence and really understand basic commands now. Just today, the dogs chased after a squirrel, across the street and out of my sight. I walked around the block, calling their names, and had no luck. I finally used our “emergency come” command and they both came running after hearing it only once. Success!!

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