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Carly and Steve in Phoenix

Suerte and SebastianThank you so much for all of your help with training and being so wonderful with our boys! (Suerte the Setter & Sebastian the Golden). We really enjoyed the sessions and appreciate everything you did for them. You have been absolutely wonderful with training and your knowledge of dogs and their behaviors is astounding. Thank you for caring for them and truly wanting the best for them; it means a lot to us to have someone watching out for them and their best interests! I will start working on the bell training asap with our boys and Hogan.

Meghan, Matt & Maui of Chandler

Mwgan, Matt & MauiWe adopted Maui from Paw Placement in August 2005. We fell in love with her playful personality immediately but quickly realized that we needed help with her less desirable behaviors. Maui needed some basic obedience training and strategies to help with separation anxiety and chewing. it was Crystal to the rescue! Maui responded immediately to the clicker training and she really enjoyed working with her new friend, Crystal. After the first lesson we were so relieved because we knew that All Ways Pawsitive would work for Maui. Not only did we learn how to effectively train our dog through games and activities, we also learned important “household management” techniques such as crating while we're away and ringing a bell to go outside. The transformation in Maui’s behavior has been amazing. We highly recommend All Ways Pawsitive to anyone.

Thank you for everything, Crystal!

Michele of Queen Creek

I want to take this opportunity to tell Crystal and anyone who may read this what a wonderful experience it has been for Higgins and me to have some time with Crystal. It was told to me by a trainer in CA. that Higgins was a lost cause and I should have him put down. In stead I took him to his vet and he decided to put him on medication to calm him down. Here we are, 4 years later, and as a last resort I took the vet‘s advice here in AZ. and called Crystal. Since she has been working with Higgins we‘ve weaned him off the medication and have him pretty well under control. Higgins has always had a wonderful heart and is smarter than a whip, but what he didn't have was an owner that knew how to control him. Thanks to Crystal we‘ve come a long way and Higgins absolutely loves her to death. I don't think just anybody can be a dog trainer. We learned that the hard way in CA., but to anyone considering having their dog trained, I can‘t recommend anyone better than Crystal. She truly understands dogs and meets them on their level. She also understands the dogs owner and meets them on their level. This is most important and anyone that has a dog they can't control will soon learn it‘s not about the dog, it‘s about the person.

We thank you so much Crystal and wish you'd stop by anytime. Higgins will always remember you and we’ll be most happy to see you.

Sincerely, Michele & Higgins

UPDATE!!!!! Gaby and Neptune in Buckeye

GabyDear Crystal,
For you have helped us during our worst phase together, I just want to share my pride about Neptune with you: He just passed his CGC test and he also is now a “certified therapy dog”...No, I have no intention of taking him to hospitals and nursing homes yet - he is still far too lively for that - but, nevertheless I think it is a BIG achievment for our “monster-dog” and I feel you should be also very proud of your training methods - and a little bit of Neptune!!! Best regards from Buckeye! Gaby

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