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The Sklar‘s of Phoenix

Dharma & GregWe started working with Crystal after our 7 month old Welsh Terriers, Dharma & Greg, were basically asked to leave the Phoenix Obedience Club's training class we were attending because they were misbehaving and bothering the other dogs. The puppies had an overabundance of energy and mischief that we had a difficult time containing. Discouraged from that experience, we called Crystal to see if she could help us. As soon as she met the dogs, we saw a difference. She gained their attention instantly and the dogs not only listened to her, but obeyed. She gave us hope that our dogs were trainable after all.

Every week we met with Crystal, the dogs (and their owners) improved. While they still showed their puppy energy, it became much easier to channel it in a positive way. After we learned that we were expecting our first child, the training became an even higher priority. We were nervous about how the dogs would react around a baby. Jumping all over us was one thing, but jumping around a newborn was entirely different. Crystal gave us a lot of helpful strategies and ideas leading up to the birth of our son Caleb. After he was born, she helped us “introduce” the dogs to the baby and get them all used to each other. If it weren't for her, our dogs may still be banned from being in the same room with our son. However, with her help, we have successfully united our family. We can all relax in the same room and enjoy each other. The dogs love to look at our son and kiss his feet. Caleb loves it too! It is so wonderful to have everyone together. We owe it all to Crystal.

We would recommend Crystal to anyone considering training for their dog(s). She is very professional and is an expert at what she does. We were thoroughly impressed with how she was able to connect with our dogs and bring out qualities/skills in them that we didn’t know existed. When Crystal came into the room, our dogs stood at attention and couldn’t wait to do what she asked them to do. It was like having our own dog whisperer!

Thanks to Crystal, we have a very happy family of five. Our son Caleb is going to grow up with two best friends who will love and protect him. For that, we are forever grateful.

Thank you Crystal!, Alex, Michael, Caleb, Dharma & Greg Sklar

The Pereira’s of Mesa

I was living in a house with four dogs, and a serious pack order problems. Having had introduced a Male puppy to a three female dog pack made it even more difficult to handle the situation. After a couple of trips to the Pet Emergency after fights I began to worry that I might have to get rid of one or multiple dogs. This solution was not a viable option for me and I went seeking the advice of a Vet/Behaviorist to assist me. They offered a little help, but it did not help to prevent the occasional fights.

That is when I called Crystal at All Ways Pawsitive Pet Behavior & Training to see if she could help as I was at my wits end. From the get go you could tell she was very capable and knew what she was doing. Instead of just telling us what to do she showed us and worked with us directly to ensure that we were comfortable in our training. Though the appointments were scheduled for a limited time, she stayed longer a few of the times to ensure we fully understood the training.

Since we completed her Harmony in a Multiple Dog Household training the dogs have not had any significant fights and we have been able to identify behaviors prior to them happening to assist the dogs in being harmonious. The training we received was a great asset to our dogs and us peace of mind.

Thank You Crystal for your help, Eric and Nicole

This is Slim and Double Farrish of Mesa

Slim and Double FarrishWe would like to thank-you so much for helping us and our family. We always knew 2 male dogs in the house would be hard, but we had no idea how hard. We would constantly fight for our mom's attention and over food, treats etc... Everything became a challenge. When my mom called you, it was almost a last resort for us since during a fight we had, my mom got bit and needed 19 stitches in her hand.

Our mom used to spoil us rotten, and she still does, but not in ways to make the other jealous. We get everything equal now, and it prevents us from getting mad at each other.

You came over, taught us some general obedience, and really educated our parents on what to do and what not to do. Ever since our 5 weeks of classes, we have been best friends! We can play in the pool together, sleep on the couch together...all without fighting!!!! We have learned our pack order, and my parents now know what works with us. Double is now continuing his "education" and taking even more classes from you!

We are all doing great, and would recommend you to anyone and everyone, because little issues can turn BIG overnight...

We love you! Karen